Dangerous Goods Packaging

Dangerous Goods Packaging

Morris McMahon maintains and operates a NATA approved testing facility to ensure thatĀ its Dangerous Goods containers always meet the appropriate standard.

Morris McMahon’s Dangerous Goods approved containers include: 10 litre, 15 litre, 20 litre, 21 litre and 23 litre capacities. Closed head containers or “microdrums” ranging from 250ml to 5 litre capacity.

Both open and closed head containers of capacities of 10 litres and greater. Closed head containers are available with either the 44mm or 56mm screw necks and also the Unigrip fitting.

Morris McMahon’s system for closing open head Dangerous Goods containers of 10 litre capacity or greater is known as the “Reseal Closure”. These are available for both Dangerous Goods Packaging Group II and III and we also have a 100kPa Reseal Closure available which can be suitable for Air-freight.

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