Drums – Closed Head

Drums – Closed Head – The first choice for reliability and performance. Approved for Group 1, Group 2 & Group 3 dangerous Goods, and also food approved for edible oils. Capacity 10 litres to 25 litres. Available in 0.35, 0.43 & 0.55 mm tinplate.

Drums- Closed Head

Nominal CapacityNominal DiameterOverall DiameterNominal HeightOverall Height
10 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm202 mm202 mm
11 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm212 mm212 mm
12.5 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm242 mm242 mm
15 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm282 mm282 mm
18 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm328 mm328 mm
20 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm358 mm358 mm
23 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm404 mm404 mm
25 litreØ286 mmØ290 mm438 mm 438 mm


Dimensions are subject to tolerance – obtain samples before finalising cartons or labels. Wrap around label sizes include a 12mm underlap.

Other sizes may be made by special arrangement. We also have a wide assortment of accessories such as pourers, unigrip fittings and various other fittings. For further details, please contact us.