Tripletite, Doubletite and Lever Ring Open top Cans

Morris McMahon’s Doubletite and Tripletite cans are arguably the toughest on the market for two reasons. We use heavier gauge metal together with unique micro drum design features. Designed for high viscosity liquids and solids such as paints, adhesives, powders and granules. Capacity 250mL to 6 litres.

Lever Lids Cans are the economical answer for small diameter containers, less than 87mm.

Tripletite, Doubletite and Lever Ring Open Top Cans

Nominal Capacity x sizeNominal Diameter ØOverall Diameter ØNominal HeightOverall Height
250 ml x Ø72Ø72 mmØ75 mm79 mm79 mm
500 ml x Ø72Ø72 mmØ75 mm142 mm142 mm
500 ml x Ø87Ø87 mmØ91 mm103 mm103 mm
570 ml x Ø87Ø87 mmØ91 mm120 mm120 mm
1 litre x Ø107Ø107 mmØ110 mm133 mm133 mm
1 litre x Ø139Ø139 mmØ142 mm82 mm82 mm
1.5 litre x Ø139Ø139 mmØ142 mm120 mm120 mm
2 litre x Ø139Ø139 mmØ142 mm157 mm157 mm
4 litre x Ø176Ø176 mmØ179 mm192 mm192 mm
5 litre x Ø176Ø176 mmØ179 mm227 mm227 mm
6 litre x Ø176Ø176 mmØ179 mm278 mm278 mm


Dimensions are subject to tolerance – obtain samples before finalising cartons or labels. Wrap around label sizes include a 12mm underlap.

Other sizes may be made by special arrangement. We also have a wide assortment of accessories such as pourers, unigrip fittings and various other fittings. For further details, please contact us.